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 Juggler's fanart @x@

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the Juggler


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PostSubject: Juggler's fanart @x@   Mon 5 Mar 7:15

Hyu! This forum must not die! SO! I'll try to do my best to bring it back to life! *battLe geaR oN*
I'm sorry, I'm not able to draw at all! xD But I like to bring life to these horrible pictures!

Chibi Hokuto and Fou! .-.

A little sketch of my favourite and beloved character, Juggler! >__< Hyu!

Maybe next time I will put something a bit better! xDD Sorry!
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Reven Niaga

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PostSubject: Re: Juggler's fanart @x@   Mon 5 Mar 8:16

I LOVE the first one *_*

It's so cuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeee


I like Hokutos expression ! >o<

*in love with it*

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Juggler's fanart @x@
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